1. Why should we choose this Collage?
2. Are you happy here?
3. What are your Collage's strengths?
4. What’s your complaint about your Collage?
5. What else could stand to be improved?
6. How accessible are administrators, registrars, financial aid officers, etc.?
7. What majors are popular?
8. What departments or programs have the best reputations?
9. What’s your favorite class?
10. Are your professors good teachers?
11. Do your professors hold office hours, and will they meet with you outside of class?
12. Are most of your classes taught by professors or teaching assistants?
13. Were you able to take most of your first-choice classes?
14. Are your classes lecture-based or discussion-based?
15. How much reading and writing is required in your courses?
16. How often are collaborative work or group presentations required?
17. How satisfied are you with academic advising?
18. Do students use any on-campus tutoring programs or writing centers?
19. How big are your classes?
20. Does your major require an independent study or capstone project ?
21. Are professors available for research with students?
22. Is it popular to study abroad?
23. What's it like to be a first-year student here?
24. What's a typical day like?
25. How much time do students spend studying per week?


  1. ALL  questions are approximately addressed by this collage.
  2. We strongly recommend to admit for completing your higher education with low and affordable cost.
  3. Improvement of collage and its facilities as the demand of time is our goal.
  4. Information and technology should be updated by installing software, e-library, Computer lab, informative website as well as mobile apps.
  5.  Library and its management system is improving continue to achieve organizational goal.
  6. We provide cost effective educational service